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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Pancakes - the good and the frustrating

Trader Joe's has pumpkin everything right now. Very tempting. So I picked up a box of Pumpkin Pancake mix to make a warm cozy breakfast on what was suppose to be a rainy Saturday morning. The rain arrived as promised, and I mixed up a batch of pancakes. The whole box so there would be leftovers to freeze and toast later for easy weekday breakfasts for A.

At Peertrainer I had decided to dust off my old tracking spreadsheet to guide me back to better choices. This morning for instance, the pancakes were especially delicious as I had added in a quarter cup of freshly ground pecans to make their texture more like the 'harvest grain' pancakes from IHOP. Were they the best choice I could have made?

Here is the label from the box of pancake mix. I have tried plugging in the numbers by percentage, by listed grams, by listed calories - nothing adds up to the 300 calories per serving noted for the prepared pancakes.

Can you? Keep in mind that my spreadsheet is intended to calculate grams of macronutrients by their calories (Px4, Cx4, Fx9) to get the caloric result. I haven't trusted labels in a long time. If you don't know why click HERE

Finally I read the small print and used the figures from there and ended up at least close to the 300 calories listed as a serving of pancakes. And here are the figures plugged into my spreadsheet that is set up to keep me within a certain range of macronutrient percentages to encourage nutrition. My goal notated as calories is the top row in green.

The calories on my tracking sheet are based on these percentages:
Plant Protein 10%
Unprocessed carbs 65%
Healthy Fat 25%

This is my sweet spot where I feel good, lose weight and have energy. This is years of research, trial and error, and personal experience. For me this works. 

So what is wrong with these pancakes?  33% Fat for starters, that is just the unhealthy butter, I forgot to factor in  my ground pecans. The protein is too high and with them being pumpkin pancakes I would have expected more fiber. (I'll have to be careful later about the lunch of leftover beans I have planned - it's going to push me over the top.)

THIS IS WHY WE COOK FROM SCRATCH! That being said it was EASY to mix up the ingredients and as previously noted, they were delicious, smelling and tasting like fall. Which is why we often don't cook from scratch, there are too many seductive products out there that speak to our pleasure centers. I am going back to my 'everything I needed to know I learned from Dumbledore' philosophy! 

Scroll down to number 9 on the list     Then think about making a choice that is not necessarily the one that is easy, but better than that, the choice that is right.

Once again I am reminding myself that if it comes in a box, it may be easy, but it's not the right thing to choose.

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