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Monday, September 1, 2014

Not another failure, one more way to not make a lightbulb

I liked juicing, and will keep it as part of my quest for losing weight, being healthy, and all that dream entails. But as with almost anything else I have ever tried, I did not complete my mission. I did not juice for 60 days, and in fact at some point forgot I was even trying to do that. It appears I am not very supportive of myself, but having a tentative memory at best that comes as no surprise. I'll just keep doing what I can to lean into nutrition and enjoy the beginning thrums of a positive energy cycle.

I came back from the grocery store this morning with kale, corn tortillas and peppers to make spanish rice and tacos. I'm craving starches, and black bean tacos fits the bill perfectly. Garden tomatoes, diced with a little bit of fresh jalapeno and onion will be the perfect garnish. I have just set the wild rice (seed, not grain) to steam and once the timer dings I'll set to chopping the veggies. Besides the traditional onions, tomatoes and peppers I am adding a couple big handfuls of finely diced kale to the rice. Yum.

So back to the basics I thought I would never leave. At least I am not starting at ground zero learning about nutrition, so hopefully it won't take three years this time. But if it does, I'm good with that, because it will have meant I had three years of success.

I may be the queen of do overs, but that is better than falling permanently through the cracks and giving up all together. Okay, I may do that too upon occasion, but I never stay there, I eventually look up and start crawling again.

I will count my blessings, I will be quiet part of each day even if it means locking A out of my room for a bit, and I will keep healthy choices in the house so there is something to reach for. Nuts, fruit, seeds, legumes, greens...or as Fuhrman says:  Gombs - Greens, onions, mushrooms, berries & seeds.

I've been using flax meal again for a few days and the results are already showing in my improved temperament. I am also back on one of the prescriptions for my back pain, but it's too soon to tell if it's helping. But I am hopeful.

Hello life.

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