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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An Ocean frame of mind

Back from four days at Morro Bay; my eyes still filled will splendor, my ears with the crash of waves, my skin still crawling with the drying of sand, and my mind cleared by the fresh clear air blowing in from the ocean. I will hold these feelings as long as I can - I feel so happy and normal and productive.  I've had a short haircut this morning, cutting away time and effort and somehow a weight off my shoulders, and not just literally.

Breakfast was a Veggie Wrap w\ hummus from Trader Joe's, and looking at the sodium content below I am reminded that even something that seems like it would be healthy may not be the best choice.  But I did not drive through for coffee or a sausage biscuit this morning, and I am once again feeling strong and hopeful.

There is laundry to to, and The Horse Whisperer to keep me company between loads while I rest my back. I love a nice quiet busy day!

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