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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Salty Tale

Going back to work after vacation I picked up a couple of packaged items from Trader Joe's - OMG - check out this Satay noodle bowl.

The stats looked great in the store (no reading glasses) but upon closer inspection the serving size was 'almost 2' so the above is twice what I expected. Rats.  But it will be fun to have something different and I know now not to pick up that particular box again. I know to stay away from packaged foods, and dinner will be all about the veggies.

Bittersweet going back to work; I don't want to be there - I want to be home finishing up projects and riding my bike while it's cloudy. The 90's are hard to face after beach weather! I had always thought coastal living was off my retirement list, but cool cloudy mornings for exercising and warm afternoons for hanging out on the beach would actually an awesome combination.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

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