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Sunday, October 14, 2012


I should be thrilled. I've run my errands; the fidge is stocked; dinner prepped, ready for the oven, and large enough to supply lunches all week; and I even cleaned out the last two gutter sections on the house. It's a beautiful Fall day, if a little warm, and I laid in the sun and read for a bit while Kaylee joined me for some sunbathing too. Got the laundry done yesterday and today I picked up two new thermals for work while I was out running amuck. So why can't I cheer up. I am so grateful for many things in my life, and I know full well that there are many would do much for the creature comforts I have, but this pain just sucks the life out of me until I am blue with despair.

I've been doing my exercises and I have been walking and icing and taking my pills and yes I expect a miracle.  I expect my body to rebound like it was 20 instead of 57 and no amount of common sense can convince me otherwise.

I think it's time for a drink.

Oh, and the splash is me diving into the pity pool.

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