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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

oh the pain

My shins are killing me - two days of walking in my Nike's and I wonder how I ever did this five miles at a time. I also remember constantly stretching my calves and despite my best efforts waking up with a charley horse in one calf or the other during those years. Bananas were the solution, ramping up the magnesium and or potassium (?) seemed to reduce the chances of waking in panic and pain. Funny how it never occurred to me either then or back in my running days (a couple of lifetimes ago in high school) that the pain meant I wasn't suppose to be doing what I was doing, rather than that I was deficient in some way.

To this day I include a banana with breakfast, either in my green smoothie or on my toast and nut butter.

Now I just want to find some warm neutral heel winter walking shoes and do the same 2 mile route and see what happens. It is really the shoes or is it just me being out of shape; wow, it is so easy to find a roosting place for inadequacy on my shoulders. More years later than I want to count and it's still about me not being good enough? Somebody please send me a psychotherapist! Or not, I'll figure it out.

But not this morning. It's cold, I have oatmeal bubbling on the stove, and my walk can just go take a hike this morning - pun intended.

I will walk at lunch in my crocs. And weather permitting (yes I am a fair weather walker) I will take Kaylee out when I get home from work. Sigh, my road to hell is so well paved.

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