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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Days of Salt & Butter

I would much rather have had days of wine and roses, but that's not how it's working. On my birthday I bought a small pack of butter, 2 cubes, because I wanted a baked potato with butter - hey, it's been a while! But I had also picked us up a box of flax crackers earlier in the week, and there was popcorn in the cupboard for emergencies; these things are okay to have in the house by themselves but not when there is butter in the house. And it gets worse, the friend I walk with was having a "PB&J" lunch week and went on about how great it was while walking one evening. Sort of like if you were in AA and a friend was extolling the virtues of their favorite tequila. So I had picked up small jars of natural PB and fruit only jam so I could scratch that itch too (since it was my birthday.) This past BD is about to be the death of all my good intentions this week!! Eating yourself to death is not a good way to celebrate life.  I haven't binged, but I have been replacing healthy meals and calories with empty and harmful ones. Gross. And I feel awful. And this morning I was going to get back to my green smoothie for breakfast, but was up at 3am watching a movie cuz I couldn't sleep, and then farmed online for a bit before heading back to sleep. Waking up groggy and irritable after 9am did not make for good decision making; almond milk and cheerios, ugh. I wish I could keep a clean kitchen, but my honey has the right to eat what he wants.

I hate that it only took a couple of days for my positive intentions to turn into a whine fest about bad choices. This is crap and has to stop NOW.

We are heading out to the early matinee to see Alice (whoo hoo) and yes, I will have a bag of popcorn, regular size, and yes I will count the calories as lunch - another meal empty of nutrition - and then order a salad if we actually go out to lunch afterwards. As soon as we get back home I will change and head to the gym to burn off 300 calories to offset the damage. It will be worth it - munching on popcorn in a dark theater is a pleasure I don't wish to give up, nor should I have to give up - I have a plan and it's all good.

The weather has been holding and I've been shooting each day which feels great. We'll head up to our local archery club and range to field tune our bows one day soon; I'm looking forward to the hiking after a season of shooting in the driveway and competitions indoors. 

Move more, eat less doesn't quite cut it, how about, move fun, eat nutritionally! Off to a fun day and a super healthy dinner.

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