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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stuff piling up

All of a sudden I have unfinished business everywhere. I haven't updated my business accounting sheet, opened mail, cleaned off my desk, mowed the back yard, watered, put away clean clothes, cleaned the carpet. I've been focusing all my energy on everything else; a trip to Illinois to family, a visit to friends in Texas, archery tournaments, my DD's upcoming baby shower and all the items I agreed to do for it. My back doesn't have enough oomph to do it all, which pisses me off because I think my mind is now ready. Big breath....okay, I can live with this until Monday, the damage is already done, and I will make next week about catching up my own sh*t. Because I am not happy when surrounded by clutter and dead plants, I am not happy looking out back and seeing dead grass. TAKING A U TURN. Starting over here. I'm looking forward to being surrounded by gleaming wood, and clean carpets. I can hardly wait to look out back and see my yard, trimmed and green, with feeders full of sunflower seeds and peanuts for the blue jays and squirrels. In the meantime, today I am making the pink fondant for the cupcake decorations. I have shopped for the chips and avocados to make guacamole, and have a surprise craft project to work on this afternoon for the baby shower that my DD will just love. Tomorrow after work I will go pick up the travel pkg at Babies R us, and get that wrapped. The cupcakes are ordered for Friday morning and that day is dedicated to rolling out & cutting the fondant. That leaves Thursday to wrap up the craft project and make the guacamole (reminder to self, lots of lime.) Saturday is the Shower, Sunday is a day of rest, and Monday I can start to work on my honey do list. (Yes, I am the Honey.) Okay, panic gone. Time to go make fondant.

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