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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Warm Nights and Warmer Days

I want Fall, I want the crisp Autumnal air to breeze through my bedroom window and raise goosebumps along my arms and feel the delight of snuggling into warm flannel sheets. I want to smell dead leaves and candles and fireplace smoke. I want to wear a sweater to work and boots and make rich savory soups full of greens and lentils and caramelized onions.

Instead the Summer lingers as it always does in September, barely 20° between day and evening temperatures; sweaters in the mornings only, too tired to shower at night and going to bed warm and sticky and cranking the AC down to feel some relief as there is no mitigating breeze from outside. I wonder, is it worse to watch the weather or whine about it. I have obviously pitched my tent in the later camp.

But I do need to spend a moment to express the awe of watching a super moon set the day after our recent Lunar Eclipse. So large and delicate, pale and charming as it races towards the foothills; there I will turn North and lose her company on this most auspicious of mornings.

Here is her Pic.


But any further thoughts I was wanting to share on that day were forgotten and now it is the First of October. The weather is still in the 70's and still too warm at night but that is not what propelled me to write on this particular night. 

I tend to sit at night and scroll through the movie channels and set to record anything that catches my fancy. Then I have 'go to's' on sleepless nights or early mornings like today. Prelude To A Kiss was the catch of the night and I caught my breath at the following point in the movie.

“Never to be squandered.....the miracle of another human being.” 
If only we could all embrace that simple message it would solve so many challenges we face as a world community. There I go dreaming again. Silly me.
On that note I exit stage left.

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