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Saturday, March 29, 2014


"Grama, maybe you could use Zumba to lose weight", peeps the little voice of my five year old granddaughter from behind me. I am standing at my workstation puttering about on Farm Town and she is snuggled up on my bed waiting for Sophia to begin.  "You think I need to lose weight?" I ask calmly. There is a poignant pause while she thinks before answering, bless her heart. "I like you just the way you are before you got fat." There it was, the truth laid out before me by a child. And notice the tense, the way she uses 'you are'. Time is caught here as it truly is - everything happening at the same time.

I am fresh out of the shower, and have chopped a good eight inches of hair off my greying head. There is still quite a bit of brown underneath and in streaks through the grey, and I can't complain about how much of it there is. But the long wet strands sticking to me in the shower were...well, they just had to go! And isn't that just how it is in life; things are okay until they aren't.

I loved the recent episode of Grey's Anatomy; showing the what if's of life based on a single moment; how a turning point is a combination of just the right circumstances coming together to 'point' a way forward.

So converging incidents telling me it's time for a change. And I am listening.

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