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Sunday, February 3, 2008

More guitar stuff

Waking up this morning I noticed it was only 2:41 when I began yet another day by perusing the TV channels (hey, it’s been really cold!) And there was Neil Young (much older now, aren't we all) playing
The Needle and the Damage Done. My fingers began to twitch remembering the feel of the song and I lay there wondering if the universe was indeed speaking to me. Searching online I found so many recordings of this song I was amazed. There were even tutorials with close ups of the chording; okay, okay, I get the message! I fell in love with this song back before a needle ever hit my arm, back before I felt the first rush of heat through my body. We use to play with our guitars at the pizza parlour where I worked after closing was done and the front doors locked for the night. Great acoustics in there! After days up on speed everything sounded wonderful, even I sounded on key. So yes, another ghost from my closet, I suppose I am a recovering addict (it's been almost 29 years, can I say recovered?) While drinking was nothing special, we did that from an early age at the yacht club, drugs first intrigued me when I move to San Francisco at age 19. I was living alone for the first time, and while the sixties were gone, the sex and drugs and rock n roll lived on strong and I was not immune to the lure, probably more for the companionship than anything. Everything was casual until a few years later when I met my ex, and all of a sudden drugs were a life style. Without going into all the gory details, for several years we lived fast in fantasy land until one day I saw the pictures taken at a friends wedding and didn’t recognize myself. I cleaned up and two months later I was pregnant with my daughter, elevating food to the drug of choice in the process. I haven’t thought of it quite like that before, if I hadn’t been pregnant with all the cravings that entails would I have made that transition? Would I even have been able to stay clean? But those questions are part of the ‘what if’ game I do not allow myself to play. So where was I? Oh yea, playing guitar. Guess I’d better get busy.

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