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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ba dum ba dum ba dum....heavy paws beat like padded drums down the hallway, chasing me, there's a small wet kiss on my toe and dum ba dum ba dum she's off and away again. Standing at the sink I feel a soft touch of fur against the back of my foot, and I know to keep still and when I do move, it's slowly, carefully, ever mindful that she is just a tiny bit of a thing. I am exhausted, my mind hasn't had to focus on anything this much in a long time and the effort is showing. Not to mention getting up and down off the floor. OMG...I am so tired. And not because she isn't sleeping, she is an angel at night. She whines from her bed on the floor next to mine, and I whisper "Shhhhh, go to sleep" a couple of times and she settles in to sleep, never waking me during the night. My SO returned home last night, and she is taking her time warming up to him, he's a big guy with a deep voice, but he is slowly winning her over. The timing is bad, he is only home for the day, leaving tomorrow for Reno, another four days away; bonding time for them is very limited this time of year. But he finds her sweet and thinks she should stay. I wish I were as confident this is the right thing; a friend reminded me of an old saying that you aren't free until the kids move out and the dog dies. Sad but true, and I'm not sure I want to give up that freedom. Of course I have not been using my freedom for any good end, just to mope, swimming in that sea of me until I am weary and ready to beach myself. So yes, the diversion is good, and yes, I love the comfort she brings as she snuggles into my neck and gives me kisses. She is so smart, responds to verbal signals, has figured out the dog door, and waits patiently beneath my desk as I write. She is playful without being needy, and ever so cute. So I guess we now have a dog, and I need to go buy her a collar. Oh, she is a miniature dauchsund, born 10/31/07.

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